G. Pascal Zachary

Writer, Teacher, Scholar

Showstopper: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft

“A compelling tale about the creation of a groundbreaking product, and an allegory about the darker side of the American workplace.”

“Riverting... the first book to focus on [Microsoft’s] employees and culture...”
--Harvard Business Review

“Gripping... A colorful inside look at the PC industry’s most powerful company, an exegesis of the art of software, and an instructive case study in managing a project of daunting complexity. Zachary has a great eye for detail and the clear prose style needed to explain the arcane of high tech.”

Books by Zachary

African affairs
a literate and intensely-reported introduction to contemporary Africa
World Affairs
"Zachary approaches the subject with an enormous amount of research and firsthand reporting."
--The New York Times
Biography/History of Techno-science in 20th century America
"Deeply informed and insightful, Zachary has thoroughly captured the spirit of Bush and his times."
--New York Times Book Review
Computers, technology and society
--Harvard Business Review