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Literary Journalism and the Masters of Non-Fiction

"Masters of Nonfiction" represents my conceptual approach to marrying literary values with the pursuit and creation of new knowledge, especially knowledge arising at the intersection of science, engineering and the humanities. The aim is to nourish the creation of serious and durable non-fiction based on the author's knowledge and expertise, style (voice) and craft (technique), in roughly equal measures. The "masters of nonfiction" framework focus on strengthening the writer's capacity to engage wider audiences and non-specialist readers through vernacular writing of literary quality about urgent, complex socio-technical subjects. Writing activities will be supported by directed readings of masters in literary nonfiction and throughemulationof master practices that nourish and sustain excellence in writing, scholarship and publishing. My premise is that the connection between reading and writing is strong. What you read influences how you write, and how you write shapes your choices of what to read.